Loan Rates

Truth-in-Savings Account Disclosure:

This Disclosure sets forth certain conditions and rates applicable to accounts at Hockley County School Employees Credit Union as of 11-01-18. Further details and additional information about the following accounts, including any applicable fees, are available by contacting Hockley County School Employees Credit Union at 806-894-6204.  Rates are now based on member's credit scores.  The following rates are based on an "A" score, which will be the best available rate.  Credit scores that are not an "A" score will be higher than the rates listed below:

Effective as of April 01, 2019
Type of Loan Loan Rate (APR) Maximum Term Notes
New Autos 3.75% 72 months **
Program Autos 4.75% 72 months **
Used Autos
2018 models
2017 models 2016 models 2015 models 2014 models 2013 models 2012 models 2011 models 2010 models
for all
2010 - 2018 models
66 months
60 months
54 months
48 months
42 months
2009 models and below 9.75% 36 months **
Recurring Debt 10.25% 12 months **
New boats, RVs, Mobile Homes 3.75%
72 months
120 months 
180 months 
Used boats, RVs, Mobile Homes 6.75% 120 months **
Unsecured 10.75% 30 months **
CD Secured CD rate plus 2.00% Varies **
Share Secured 3.00% N/A **

*APR is defined as "Annual Percentage Rate"

**All above rates are quoted based upon the loan payments being placed on either direct deposit, payroll deduction or a monthly bank draft, as well as “A” credit score. Credit scores are considered to be an “A” score of 700 or more according to Experian. If the loan payments are not an “A” score, or not on direct deposit, payroll deduction, or a monthly bank draft, the loan rates will be at a higher rate.